Tengku Azman Shah Here please find the first pages of your personal reading i have written.

Your character is ruled by two opposing planets: Saturn, the symbol of order, rationality and concentration, and Uranus, unpredictable like February winds. Consequently, you are a person of extremes, at one moment appearing sober and career-minded, at the other turning into a regular guy who likes to dream of a better world in a circle of like-minded companions.
You have a versatile nature, allergic to routine and conventions, and unmatched in absorbing everything new and unusual. Even if fortune doesn't provide opportunity for a peaceful fulfillment, it won't stop you. Your concealed energy will find the way out, but in this case it may take a wicked shape and turn your eccentricity into riot, your hunger for novelty into reckless adventurism. With your very personal interpretation of things, you are somewhat difficult to follow, which only increases your disposition to eccentricity, being in fact your peculiar means of psychological defense against penetration of your inner world.

You are a pleasant companion provided your associates don't try to alter you in accordance with their liking. Never snobbish, you still love it when others duly recognize and appreciate your numerous talents and share your high opinion of yourself. Nevertheless, you do not tolerate flattery, considering it a cheap imitation that interferes with your right of being unique. You like to take on complex tasks, where others failed. Only such a challenge is worth your time and effort. You have a keen interest in the latest achievements of science and technology and eagerly share your knowledge with others. You are mobile and restless, especially when swayed by a new idea, and absolutely unpredictable, which, depending on circumstances, could be a blessing or a nightmare for the people around you: the first, because you are never boring, the latter, because most fellow humans feel much less comfortable than you when their life takes totally unexpected turns.

At the moment of your birth the Sun passed the lowest point beneath the horizon, which provided you with a predisposition to intellectual activities, interest in science and hunger for knowledge. You are curious. Interaction is of great importance for you. You are persuading, and capable of influencing people with words or defending your opinion in disputes. Your outstanding intellectual flexibility allows you to easily find your way in changing circumstances, adapt to new environment quickly and benefit from it. You have a mobile nature, your typical lifestyle abounds in frequent journeys and business trips.

You actively pursue the path you have chosen. More often you are seen as a leader rather than as a follower. In the face of danger you show bravery and will power. You know how to get what you want, which points out that you are a man of action. You like recreational activities. Your creativity constantly faces barriers and obstacles. You can't expect any presents and have to attain what you need by hard work. You often experience disappointments, so you stay pessimistic, worry a lot about your failures, have complexes and lack confidence. You lack fire, creative approach and vigor. As soon as you start developing these qualities, your energy gets exhausted. You have strained relations to superiors, as they simply quench your initiative. Yet, as soon as you get power, you start suppressing others and develop the same authoritarian qualities. As a child, you may have experienced a troubled family atmosphere and an abusive father. Obviously, your education was controlled by one of the elders, grandma or grandpa. You are able to work hard and show self-restraint, although it causes you real pain. The moment you were born, which predetermined a lot of emotional strain and somewhat gloomy disposition. Secrets fascinate you and partially cause your reticence. A seething intensity of emotional energy behind your placid looks provides you with an ability to endure heavy stresses. Sometimes you aggravate a situation intentionally, letting out your subdued violence.
You can't explain the reasons for your likes and dislikes, as they arise subconsciously. You love and hate passionately. Vindictive and unforgiving, you are a dangerous enemy. Sarcastic, aggressively critical and willful, you are interested in no thoughts and wishes but your own. Suspicion makes watchfulness part of your character and you only seem to be withdrawn from the center of activity. In spite of your harshness and impulsiveness your chances of achieving success are rather high.

At the moment of your birth the Moon approached the highest point above the horizon that creates a strong need for friendship and team work. You get easily acquainted but easily break up relationships, too. There is always a peril that you may err choosing your friends or end dependent on them. You know how to get things running and have no prejudices. You are objective and unbiased, yet you change your interests too often in accordance with your friends' opinions. Among your friends can be found renowned people and even celebrities who contribute to your popularity and publicity. Your own demand of social contacts you satisfy by involvement in diverse organizations and club memberships. Your true family is not relatives but friends who share your ideas and whose opinion you pay attention to when you face an important decision.

You have a good memory, constructive mind, rich fantasy and good adaptability. Thanks to your ability to express your thoughts in a clear and exact way you can be a brilliant orator. Magnanimity, empathy, kindness and optimism are the qualities that others feel good about. You are getting special support from women. An excellent social adaptability allows you to extend your life space. You are a family person who knows the worth of love and likes to stay home in comfort. You manage your business well and, thanks to that, increase your wealth and authority. You are quite a naive optimist in philosophical questions.

You are an impressionable person with a vivid imagination and good perception of other people's feelings and moods but too susceptible to influences. You are a dreamer and your dream world saves you from the cruelty of real life. You remain soft and passive even when struggle and self-actualization are needed. You prefer avoiding conflicts and allow people to boss you around, easily believing in obvious swindle. Others see and value your fragility and good-heartedness. You also have good artistic skills.
You have your head in the clouds and it may result in alcohol and drug abuse.

You have a well-developed imagination. As a rule, you easily respond to influences, as you instinctively sense what people expect from you. You care for friends and relatives and are able to make sacrifices for others or an ideal. Your faults include idle fantasies and absent-mindedness, being fickle, indecisive, insincere, reticent, shy and touchy. You often lack impartiality.
You are apt to be a poet or musician rather than a logically thinking researcher and tend to think in mental pictures. At times, your ideas and emotions don't easily translate into the language of daily life, which makes it hard to establish the contacts with others. You may have an interest in mysticism and occultism.

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