Tengku Azman Shah, here please find your Predictions for September :

September would be a positive month for you . You will be determined and focused this month. Further the movement of Saturn from your moon sign from the 11th September 2009 would change your temperament and bring flexibility and ease after 11th September 2009.

Period between 8th September 2009 and 27th September 2009 could be exasperating at times. Pressure and uncertainty in domestic and real matters will ease out and better period would operate after the 11th September 2009. You will find your status as well luck would rise, although thinking might become somewhat narrow and negative.

You should be careful about your speech as tendency to speak harshly could hamper relations with family and spouse.

Career will be positive, although you now enter a planning phase where long term strategies should be worked out. Planning rather than action should be your agenda after the 11th September 2009. Status and position will rise and that could bring in success in career.

Emotional involvement in career/ work environment would be there and hurdles should be guarded against. Work environment will remain positive.

Family matters might not be easy. An undercurrent of aggression and stress will remain. Further speech could cause issues till the 25th September 2009. Remain defensive and low profile.

Financial and money matters will see a rise in expenses and outflows. You should guard against extravagance. Liquidity will remain poor mostly till the 25th September 2009. Worry about money matters could be a higher level of worry, rather than actual shortage.

Income will remain good throughout, although it would be erratic mostly.

Investment should be handled with care. There could be an error of judgment till the 25th September 2009. Speculation could bring losses and should be strictly avoided.

Love life, for the unattached, will be quite exciting. Sex appeal and confidence will be high. You would be busy on the social circle till the 15th September 2009. 16th September 2009 onwards a stable but slow period could operate.

If in a relationship, this month could be difficult due to misunderstanding and ego after the 17th September 2009. Avoid controversy and bad speech throughout. Better after the 25th September 2009.

If married, this month will bring challenges as verbal conflict and ego clashes with spouse possible. Avoid any sort of controversy.

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